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Hadrian's Wall  2 June 2022

Latest News: 

21 May: Listings and links to all public Beacon events across the communities of Hadrian's Wall on 2 June can now be found here

10 April: Our GALLERY takes you behind the scenes with ITV News and Legio VIII Augusta MGV Roman Living History Society at Vindolanda for interviews and a photoshoot as we continue to encourage communities to light a Beacon on 2 June.


11 March: The official Event Schedule may now be viewed here.

Please note the 10pm timing for lighting of Beacons along Hadrian's Wall.


On 2 June 2022, the communities of Hadrian's Wall will honour The Queen on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee by lighting Beacons across the full span of Hadrian's Wall Country and World Heritage Site. Unique dispensation has been given by the Pageantmaster for the Beacons across the communities of the Wall to be lit at a later time than the rest of the UK (10.00pm) in recognition of the scale and importance of Hadrian's Wall to the celebrations that night.

Built to guard the wild northern frontier of the Roman Empire in AD122, Hadrian’s Wall was more than just a barricade; it was a vibrant and multi-cultural occupied military zone of mile-castles, barracks, ramparts, forts and settlements; sprawling almost 80 miles in length from the North Sea to the Irish Sea. Passing through towns, cities and the wild beauty of Cumbrian and Northumbrian landscapes, it still impresses today and stands as a testimony to the power and reach of the mighty Roman Empire. As we celebrate 1900 years of Hadrian's Wall and the communities that have grown up alongside it, we choose to honour the service of The Queen in her Platinum Jubilee year.

Ambitious plans are already underway within local authorities, town councils, parishes, community groups and landowners for celebratory Beacon events to be held in multiple locations across the communities of the Wall. Most of these celebrations will be free public events, many joining up with the rest of the UK with a piper, a bugler and a choir - each performing at set times in unison with the rest of the country. As more events are added we are keeping a log of them on our database. Closer to the time, we will publish a map of these locations.

It isn't too late to get involved!
If you are would like to organise a Beacon event in your local community then please take a look at our GET INVOLVED page. You can contact Jez Light, the Beaconmaster for Hadrian's Wall for more advice and support with the planning of your event We have downloadable guides with lots of useful hints and tips for your event, in addition to the support available on the main Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacons site.

How we fit into HW1900:

The Hadrian's Wall Platinum Jubilee Beacons have been listed as part of the Hadrian's Wall 1900 Festival and individual events will be listed on this site closer to the time. There is no need to register individual events with HW1900, instead we would ask you to complete the HW Beacons Registration Form and email it to

Top photo credit: Helen Smith (with thanks to Legio VIII Augusta MGV Roman Living History Society and the Vindolanda Trust)

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